Mind your manners

Breda created a wonderful list of manners that you should follow when open carrying.  These rules are truthfully  common sense for most of us, but it’s still good to enumerate them.

        1. Be exceedingly polite – use words like “please,” thank you,” and “ma’am.”
        2. Smile a lot.
        3. Do not touch your gun. Ever.*
        4. Do not call attention to your gun. Ever.
        5. Do not talk about your gun unless someone asks. Ever.

*Unless you need it, obviously.

Manners and attitude make all the difference especially since you are having to overcome the negative stereotype created by the media.  Once when I was in Safeway a woman wide eyed and looking at me very nervously.  She had walked up behind me while I was waiting in line.  I noticed her reaction just after she walked up, I just smiled and said, “Hi.”  She relaxed considerably but was still a little put off.  After getting through the checkout line I smiled at her, said “Have a nice day ma’am” as I walked away.  She not only but smiled back, but also said to have a nice day.

That is what we want, we want to destroy this negative stereotype.  When carrying openly you are an ambassador for all gun owners.  Your actions not only reflect on yourself, but on all of us.  The above rules aid in accomplishing that goal.

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