Because Waiting for Help isn’t an Option

This morning while reading through a couple blogs I came across a story repeated by two of them.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. – A Williamson County woman fought off an intruder with a vacuum cleaner. She was desperate for help, waiting for almost 35 minutes for law enforcement to arrive.
The single mom described that 35 minutes like the scene of a horror movie as she watched a man walk from windows to doors doing anything to break in to her home.

Ma’am, why were you depending on the police for the protection of yourself, your daughter, and your property?

I applaud her ability to improvise however in this case I believe the woman was more lucky than anything else.  Many are astonished at the fact that it took 35 minutes to respond.  This attacker had 35 minutes that he could have done as he pleased with the occupants of this house.  However this is by no means surprising, especially considered even in a violent incident where the police had an ongoing history of an aggressive stalker, it took over 7 minutes

Thankfully in her case she ventilated the individual. 

For the sake of your children, ma’am I beg of you to arm yourself, you owe it to your children.  You are the help. You are the rescue. You are the extraction team.

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