I guess I’m Cynical

When I read the following all I could think was, that’s a good start. 

A Republican plan for the 2012 budget would cut more than $4 trillion over the next decade, more than even the president’s debt commission proposed, with spending caps as well as changes in the Medicare and Medicaid health programs, its principal author said Sunday.

I wouldn’t shed a tear if any and every last entitlement program was dead ended tomorrow.  Even more than that, I would prefer to see every government investment program done in as well.  The way investments work is risk and reward system.  The government programs have absolutely no risk, yet they promise huge payouts.  The question becomes how do they afford this?  That is quite simple, the government covers it’s losses by the use of force collecting the funds required from the those who pay taxes.

Government is force, those who vote receive entitlements from government are merely asking the government to steal on their behalf.

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