SSCC Honorable Mention – Iberia Parish

An Iberia Parish Sheriff’s deputy has been arrested on charges related
to child pornography. Troopers say the investigation was actually
started by Iberia Parish detectives. They were investigating illegal
use of child pornography and suspected one of their own deputies was
involved. State Police was immediately contacted to take over the

First, what legal use is there for child pornography?  Investigation of the crime I can kind of see, but I wouldn’t really call that a “legal use” as it is an investigation and collection of evidence of a crime.  This guy gets only an honorable mention for the following two reasons.

  1. They do not believe any of this was obtained while he was on duty.
  2. The sheriff has stated he will get no leniency as an LEO, and his employment was terminated immediately.

I’m glad he was caught and hope he meets someone in jail he put there.  Couple that with the reason why he’s there he’s going to be making the rounds in the showers.

Honorable Mention: Daniel Bourque

I’ve got nothing for this one, crap like this makes me feel sick.

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