On That Candel Light Vigil

Weer’d came up with an idea that I think will work better than any meat space idea.  Today he gave the first reminder and posted a comment at the end.

That being said if you don’t have a blog of your own, I’d be perfectly
willing to post your picture on January 8th. Just attach it to an email
to weerdbeard gmail com, and make sure to include how you’d
like to be addressed online, and I’ll post it on January 8th with my own
official picture!

I am going to extend the same offer.  If you would like to post a picture and don’t have a place to put it send it to Weer’d or myself at (vigil.picture at the-minuteman.org).  I will continue to update the post adding pictures as they come in.

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One Response to On That Candel Light Vigil

  1. Same thing over my blog. Let’s light a fire under their…. buttstocks.