Quote of the Day – Ken (06/15/2012)

The lesson, preached often here, is this: the government is not your
friend. The people in it are not your friends. They smile. But they
are there because they are the sort of people who like telling other
people what to do, people they do not know, people over whom they have
no moral claim, regarding things that are not justly any business of
theirs. That is what they do. That is who they are.

Argyll and Bute Council Afraid of Mild and Polite Criticism, Little Girls, Pictures of Tater Tots

June 14th, 2012

[I have written about this before when our American federales were claiming to be our extended family and friends.  Go read the story of Martha and her blog, I’ll wait.

Ken stated what I have already known but given the current tyranny being pushed by Fat Fuck George* it obviously bears repeating.  There evidently is a large number of people who seem to think that this government intrusion is acceptable, most likely because they aren’t directly affected.  Well what happens Mr. Tory when all the sudden government sets it’s sights on something you are affected by.  You’ve already given them permission to intrude in your life, you found it acceptable for them to do it to someone else.

There is some good news about Martha’s story.  The council has retreated and Martha’s charity is surging.  That is positive however that outcome is only because of the amount of attention this particular story got.  How many other similar stories slip under the waves to never been seen or heard about?  How many others are crushed under the weight and threat of force from government before anyone knows what happened?

Government is force, and they have a monopoly on the use of it and can self justify it.  While we do have some protections thanks to the First Amendment, that doesn’t prevent tyrants from trying to run over it.  Remember, there are many who would not mind seeing your First Amendment rights trampled because they disagree with your opinion.  Doubly so with the effectiveness of putting the truth on the internet.

Remember, the government is not your friend, it is not your family, its is force and nothing more.  It will crush you if given the chance.  Government is a necessary evil that should be limited and restrained to the greatest extent possible.  For trying to reign back in that beast after it gains the additional power and authority is difficult if not impossible.  -B]

*Who is Fat Fuck George, read this.

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