SSCC #397–Boulder County

Under the deal with prosecutors, Rick Jon Ferguson will be sentenced to probation on the exploitation count and will only risk prison time if he later violates the terms of that probation or if a judge decides that prison is appropriate for a felony obscenity count, according to the deal. Ferguson is scheduled to return to Boulder District Court on Oct. 30 for sentencing.

What did he do to get such a cushy punishment?

He pleaded guilty to felony sexual exploitation of a child, felony obscenity, and official misconduct, a petty offense. Seven other counts were dismissed.

Ferguson was accused of using his Boulder County Sheriff’s Office-issued computer to carry on sexually explicit online chats with girls as young as 11.

At least this monster was caught before he actually got his hands on a child.  Still think he’s getting off light.

State Sponsored Criminal #397: Rick Jon Ferguson

Because when you’re bored on duty, by all means start cruising the IRC for underage girls.

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One Response to SSCC #397–Boulder County

  1. Well, if your gonna give the benefit of a cushy deal it should go to the guy who uses his power as a trusted official to go after the most helpless. I hope the majority of their effort is aimed at disarming the law abiding folks.