This one is in the count because of the ongoing history with the IMPD.  As I have said previously, an incident of blatant corruption usually indicates a deeper issue within a department and it appears we have another data point.

Detectives from the IMPD Special Investigations Unit arrested 40-year-old John Haggard of Indianapolis. He was arrested for burglary, criminal recklessness, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm, domestic battery and battery.

Details are light, but interestingly the IMPD is conducting the investigation.  I wonder if it will be like their DUI investigations.

State Sponsored Criminal #490: John Haggard

Because things like burglary and criminal recklessness are only crimes if you’re not anointed.  Being anointed means they give you a gun and are exempt right?

h/t Tam

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2 Responses to SSCC #490–IMPD

  1. Charles B. says:

    I’m A Mooresville citizen ( where officer Haggard started his career) & know first hand officer Haggard’s history of using his badge as a shield. Not only does he have a history of domestic abuse, but the man has even threatened to sue his own family member for defamation of character concerning his own corruption. I’ve met a few police officers in my days, but this man has to have the biggest ego I’ve ever come across.

    • Barron says:

      Yup, another data point. I really wish these guys would get the ax instead of a pass to just go work someplace else.