SSCC #313 – Indianapolis

Via Roberta X (I double checked this time Tam), comes a story of drunk driving with the IMPD.  This is nothing surprising, but the story overall is just astounding.  Roberta does a great job synopsizing it.  Remember this officer killed two motorcyclists after crashing into them while on duty.

Today, he — or his peerstook out a police chief, too.
Seems two vials of blood were drawn and one of them was to be left
untouched by human hands; both were secured in Official IMPD
refrigerated storage…only in November 2011, Persons Unrevealed took
the untapped vial out of the so-secure IMPD property room,* and stuffed
it in a room-temperature room over at the Po-lice Academy. Perhaps as a
talisman of just how thick the ol’ Thin Blue Line really is — but I’m

Think about that long and hard and what would have happened to any other civilian who had done what he did.  We’d be in jail at a minimum, he’s on paid administrative leave.  Like you and me, only better.  Given the fact the Chief didn’t fire his ass, I’m not really shedding a tear since to me that’s just like endorsing what he did.  Not to mention the buck has to stop somewhere and some of his subordinates obviously felt they could get away with destroying evidence.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 313: David Bisard

Because if you’re going to drink and drive, do it as a cop.  Not only will you get paid during your leave, your buddies will destroy evidence to protect you.

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  1. Lyle says:

    Looks like they’re all “Team Players’ over there.

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