Quote of the Day–Oleg Volk(01/01/2013)

Gun control pushers have even less shame than typical rapists. A repulsed rapist doesn’t start whining: “OK, so I can’t rape you now, but how about just dropping your pants? I won’t penetrate you now, but you can’t refuse a reasonable compromise! How about just an inch, no more than two, honest.” Taking away defenses and property of innocent people is a molestation and should be treated as such.

Oleg Volk : The ethics of gun control

December 30, 2012

[I have heard of no better analogy than the one Oleg gives there. –B]

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4 Responses to Quote of the Day–Oleg Volk(01/01/2013)

  1. Old NFO says:

    True, but Illinois is going for the whole enchilada… Go read Sebastian’s latest post! They are going to try to ban ALL semi-auto weapons….

    • Barron Barnett says:

      Oh, I’ve seen and heard. That I don’t foresee really making it anywhere. It’s the same as that bitch from California.

      We need to fight and be vocal, but it’s so over the top because they want to just have us drop our pants…

  2. MD says:

    Chicago, off to a busy start! – All the laws in the world cannot un-f#ck-up that place:

    • Barron says:

      End count for last year was 525 IIRC. Nothing says safety more than being forcibly disarmed to be victims for criminals.