Quote of the Day – Russ (3/4/2013)

Politicians who don’t trust law-abiding citizens to own guns do NOT see them as equal members of a democratic republic. To put it bluntly, they see them as serfs. Or children who need to be protected from themselves. And that sort of attitude will NEVER get you the nomination from a Republican Party that wants to keep Conservatives inside the Big Tent. NEVER. The way he treats the voters of New Jersey is the way he will treat the voters of America. Take it to the bank. The Second Amendment is not just one amendment in the Bill of Rights: It’s the Founders’ message to the citizens of America – “We Trust You”. And if you fold on that amendment? You’ll fold on all the others. Guaranteed.

Russ – Chris Christie Won’t Be At CPAC This Year…and That Doesn’t Bother Me.
March 3rd, 2013

[If we the people elect “you” as our representative don’t trust us with  firearms, well that proves exactly how little we should actually trust “you” doesn’t it?

I consider the Right to Keep and Bear Arms a solid litmus test for the worthiness of an elected representative and how much they trust and respect my rights.  It seems some though don’t see the connection. -B]

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Good point… And I won’t miss him either… He’s acting more and more like Bloomie…