SSCC #536 – St. Louis

Suspended St. Louis Patrolman Charles Proctor disgraced the department and should be fired for striking a man with a baton, choking him and slamming his head into the bumper of a squad car outside the Lumière Place Casino last summer, a police department lawyer said Monday.

Evidently the department is looking at reinstating this officer like Officer Harless was.  To compound issues the officer was arrested for assault but the local prosecutor refused to file charges against him.

Bad news is for the Officer, the whole incident was caught on video… Maybe that’s why corrupt cops hate video so damn much, it doesn’t lie.

That’s not to say the victim in this case is a shining example of innocence.  But it is another example of an officer not controlling his monster and letting it get the best of him.

There are many other officers who do and he has no business with that kind of authority without self-control.

State Sponsored Criminal #536: Charles Proctor

Because when the guy really pisses you off, just choke him with your night stick and smash his head into the bumper of your car.  You’ll feel better after and that’s what matters right?

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