Duly qualified eh?

So the city of Harvey Illinois, a suburb of Chicago had 21 guns stolen. It is a suburb of the same Chicago that some politicians claimed recently the National Guard was needed to bring the murder rate under control.

Let me get this straight, the bigots claim that civilians are too irresponsible and are not capable of safely handling and storing a firearm, yet the bastion example of Law Enforcement for a single municipality looses 21 by themselves. Lest the fact that the ATF has lost firearms that were then later used to commit crimes. Though I am beginning to see a pattern emerge from behavior of those determined to be “duly qualified” to carry and handle firearms.

The scariest line from the article was this:

At 4:15 p.m., Harvey spokesman Sandra Alvarado said, “after some really awesome investigating this afternoon, many of the stolen weapons were recovered, along with many other items that were stolen out of the gun range.”

Followed by:

Alvarado could not say where the guns were recovered – or if anyone has been arrested. Or how many guns are still missing.

This confirms the suspicions created by the first line. The public has no idea how many weapons are still unaccounted for, and the most depressing thing is that they will probably be used to commit a crime against a law abiding citizen who paid for those weapons through taxes. That citizen will be deprived of life and/or property by a criminal because his government deprived them of the liberty of self-defense. Self defense is a Devine right that cannot be restricted or limited by the laws of man yet for some reason some men think ill of that right and demand it be restricted. It is restricted by the same group of individuals that are inadvertently arming the criminals, it is not irony, it is idiocy.

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