Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder is no longer a cautionary tale of the future.  The Miami-Dade police department is in the process of purchasing it’s own UAV

Terrorism expert Douglas Haas, however, believes that the drones will help in many ways, including fighting crime. “This has unlimited capabilities,” said Haas. “Not only is it good tactically for a SWAT call out or any tactical situation, there’s numerous search and rescue applications for it after a hurricane. They could send one of these up fast and assess damage.”

Terrorism is being used as the necessity for the tool to further the police state.  As for using one after a hurricane, that’s assuming your operating facility, and hanger survived.  During a state of emergency such as that however, assistance could be requested from the national guard.  Further begging the question, why does Miami-Dade need it’s own UAV?

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