Rule 1 when it comes to music…

So, I was working during the Super Bowl today and therefore did not see the halftime show.  Not to mention The Bald One and I don’t have TV service.  I did however, hear about the suckiness of itThe Bald One and I decided to watch video of the halftime show and find out how bad it really was. 

First of all, you don’t try to channel Daft Punk.  Secondly, you don’t try to cover Guns N’ Roses, even if you have Slash.  Thirdly, you don’t spout about how you want Obama to educate the kids in the middle of the song, and then follow it with “Father Father Help Us, send us some guidance from above”.  Lastly and most important of all, you sure as fucking shit don’t fuck with the man Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing!

So, Rule 1: Never fuck with the classics, it’s a great way to just piss us all right the hell off!

*The Bald One helped fill in my rage with proper verbiage where necessary.

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