Budget Woes and Taxes

Here we are in the middle of a recession depression and Alexander Rodriquez is essentially getting out of paying taxes. The greedy ass baseball player, with a contract of being the highest paid player, has now figured out how to avoid real estate taxes that the rest of us have to pay.

When Rodriguez’s moves into his $6 million, five-bedroom penthouse his tax bill will be $1,150. In contrast, Stephen and Phyllis Franciosa pay $3,100 in taxes one their one-family home in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx.

The middle class is repeatedly hosed on taxes, yet those that make large sums of money don’t have to pay a dime?  Taxes should have to be paid equally across the board, which means everyone pays the same amount.  Taxes should be a flat tax.  To take it further, everyone should pay the same dollar amount and not have it based on a flat income percentage.  People have no right to vote to raise taxes when they are not going to be paying it.  The idea of raising taxes on people who make more than $200k is simple for many who make less than $200k most are happy to say yes.  What right do they have to vote away someone else’s money?  For all intents and purposes they are taking it by force and putting it in their own pocket.

If you are receiving money from the public coffers, you have no business voting.  You are not actually paying or contributing to society, instead you are using force to make others support you.

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