Utah is taking the wrong approach.

Story: a 17 year old pregnant girl pays a 21 year old guy to beat her in order to cause a late term miscarriage.

Utah’s solution: criminalize miscarriage caused by “reckless behavior”.

What defines reckless behavior?  Supposedly the Utah law makers just want to prevent such an atrocity from happening again.

There are several factors that should be addressed before jumping straight to amending the current laws on the books.  First, look at the reasoning behind the girl’s actions, her boyfriend threatened to leave her if she didn’t do something about the baby. Second, what is her mental status considering she paid someone to beat her up?  Third, she must have a super low self esteem is she is willing to stay with the asshole of a boyfriend.

The consequences that could come down from this new law would include criminalizing women who don’t actually do anything wrong.  Women who have a miscarriage could be brought under scrutiny by the courts and possibly have charges brought against them for a natural cause of death.  These women don’t need the emotional and psychological burden added to them by the legal system.  They will already be under a slew of emotions just from the loss of a miscarriage.  A miscarriage does not equal abortion no matter how one looks at it.  An abortion is intentional, a miscarriage is a naturally occurring tragedy for the mom.

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