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Joe has been running a Righthaven blacklist utility which has been quite handy.  If you don’t know why Joe would spend his time creating that web utility, or I would create a plugin to do it, see this.

I spent some of last weekend and this weekend making a blacklist utility for Windows Live Writer.  Today I finished up creating the MSI installer and have a preliminary version (0.1.0) to post into the wild.  Currently the blacklist is hardcoded into the plugin, the actual version (1.0.0) is going to support web updates to the blacklist, along with an additional feature of grey listing.

The grey list will make sure that “no follow” tags are attached to any link that has a domain that matches one in the list.

The default state just puts up a message box with the offending anchor text but the post will still succeed.  You can change this by checking the error on post check box in the options.  You can add your own URLs to the user list.

Play with it, tell me if you find any bugs or issues you would like me to change or features you would like me to add.  I’m going to create a projects website tomorrow with support contact information.  For now just use this contact form.

WLW URL Blacklist Plugin.

Update: I fixed the msi download. It’s now in a zip. It appears the mime-type for the msi is wrong. I’ve tried changing the htaccess but it is still broken. I am just going to use the .zips from now on. It cut the file size in half anyway.

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4 Responses to Live Writer Blacklist Plugin

  1. Linoge says:

    Good idea, that… Time to see if WordPress has something similar.

    • Barron Barnett says:

      Windows Live Writer works with WordPress. My blog actually runs on Drupal. I didn’t even know about Live Writer till Joe told me about it, it just takes advantage of the RPC blogging services provided by most blogs. It’s basically Word for your desktop but designed around your blog that has a publish button that uploads it. I have yet to see any online blog editor match it. It’s also the price we all love, FREE!

      If you haven’t tried Live Writer, I suggest it. It’s one of the other reasons I’ve been blogging a lot more. It’s just so much easier.

      • Linoge says:

        Ah, a desktop blogging app… gotcha. I use w.bloggar for that, but same basic principle. Does it do WYSIWYG only, or does it permit you to hand-code things if you want?

        • Barron Barnett says:

          The integration is unbelievable. It pulls down your blog theme, and supports object embedding in the software. I actually normally use the source to add the “break” tag used to split the preview from the whole article.

          If something isn’t working like you want, switch to the source mode and manually tweak the HTML, switch back and make sure it looks right. Some times Microsoft does something right Live Writer I definitely think is one of those times.