Anal Probes, Not just by Aliens Anymore

Apparently the State Department is looking at changing the application information requirements for a US Passport.

If you plan to apply for a passport and you don’t have rock-solid proof of citizenship, you might soon be asked to fill out an insanely detailed passport application, form DS-5513, by the State Department before you can receive your papers.

Among the information that will be required to obtain your passport is the following:

  • Birthplace and dates for parents, siblings, and spouse.
  • Mothers address the year prior, year of, and year after your birth.
  • Name of the natal doctor and dates of her appointments.
  • Names of those who attended your birth.
  • Addresses of all places in and out of the US you have lived since birth.
  • Your entire employment history, with supervisors and contact information
  • All the schools you attended with addresses and dates.

I could probably write up a nice spiel on how this rectal exam is pointless and only serves to harass honest citizens, instead I’m just going to point out the irony.

Mr. Obama, can you please provide the above documentation considering your proof of citizenship has been deemed questionable.

If you are going to require it of any citizen, it shall be required of ALL public servants.  Just because they may only require this of some citizens doesn’t exempt them from having to do it themselves.  To require it of one, they should have to be willing to go through it themselves.

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One Response to Anal Probes, Not just by Aliens Anymore

  1. already on so damn many gov't says:

    I have the perfect answer for most of those questions. “Requested data cannot be retrieved, due to destruction of said files during divorce litigations. I have no photographic evidence of: relationship with former spouse; photographic evidence of service in SouthEast Asia, points both known and denied; nor photofacsimiles of any documentation of family history, also destroyed in same process. ”

    Now, as to lists, here are a few examples:

    As a Viet vet, former subscriber to Soldiers of Fortune magazine, gun owner, -and- member of the NRA during Reagan’s presidency, i was investigated for ‘possible mercenary recruitment activities’.

    As a student in a Russian language class in a Connecticut high school during 1968, our school offered us the opportunity to have a ‘class discussion’ with a member of the Soviet consulate from NYC, considering a few of our classmates had parents right off the boat, from the People’s Republic of the Ukraine. A coincidental meeting, occured, when during my assignment in Asia, that I met a Russian translator working at the Bangkok, Thailand embassy. (Think on that one a moment!)

    (and the lists go on …)