21 Days of Boomershoot–Day 17(2011)

For some, shooting rifles just aren’t challenging enough.  Instead they use pistols.


Unpossible, TSA screener a pedophile?

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the TSA.  The reason for this is much along the same lines as Dave talked about here.  What I came across tonight though damn near caused me to crack a tooth my jaw clinched so tight. 

The DHS and the TSA has been constantly claiming the screenings are needed for our own safety, even the full search of a 6 year old girl.  They constantly use fear mongering tactics claiming that the terrorists will use any exploitable advantage given them.

To every complaint leveraged though they claim that their screeners are thoroughly trained and are thoroughly screened themselves.  So it must be completely unfathomable that a screener was busted today for distributing child pornography.

Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

Remember these are the people who are searching violating your wives and your children.  This individual, if he operated a body scanner, had at his disposal numerous images of people disrobed by the force of government.  The TSA is an out of control monster who has again and again abused the American people under the guise of protecting them.  It is reasonable to suspect at this point that the government itself is trying to empower these criminals, especially given the fact that the TSA has never stopped any terrorist attack.  The have however stopped US representatives on their way home, cause you know those congress critters are totally terrorists.  So here’s a list off the top of my head of things the TSA has done to different American’s under the force of government.

There are countless more incidents, I probably should start making my own counter called the TSA counter, cause you notice when dealing with the TSA how it always starts with, “The Stupid Asshole.”  I know of a couple ways that we could shut down the TSA, but none of them are really legal and well I’d rather avoid that route.  Something obviously needs to be done though.  The government is using the threat of force to hand ourselves and our children over to sexual predators.  Failure to comply will result in your ass heading to jail at worst, at best your walking home. 

The only thing I think we can do currently is to ostracize anyone who works for the TSA.  If you have a “friend” who works for the TSA, they’re no longer a friend.  Do not associate with anyone who works for the TSA, provide the bare minimum of interaction, and sure as hell tell them to leave you alone afterwards.  These are not your countrymen, these are not your friends, these are not patriots on the front line of the defense of liberty.  If anything they are the antithesis of the above.  A person who was any of those things would strive to defend your liberty, freedom, and safety from the government they are claiming to represent.

The bottom line is that the TSA is A Security Theater and all their claims about the strict professionalism of their employees is bull.  While some may remain professional, the bottom line is they still aren’t telling their bosses NO.  These searches are pointless, unnecessary and do nothing more than verify our subservience to the state.  To prove that point, if you voice your displeasure towards these practices you will receive special treatment.

21 Days of Boomershoot–Day 16(2011)

Sometimes it’s necessary to lob heavy objects high into the air.


Many would freak out about a 75 lbs. anvil being tossed ~110 feet in the air.  What if it starts coming down where you’re standing?  The answer to that is quite simple, step out of the way.  It actually isn’t moving super fast, and as long as the base is level it’s coming down almost exactly where it left from.  This year there will be more shenanigans.

Quote of the Day–Patrick (04/23/2011)

So now they are going after us through other meth­ods. Through our chil­dren, our work, any­thing they might do to cause us legal dif­fi­culty. They don’t even have to be cor­rect or hon­est. After all, how many peo­ple have gone bank­rupt after hav­ing to defend them­selves in court, only to be found inno­cent? [You can beat the rap, but not the ride] How will they attack us next?  –Patrick

[I previously talked about Antitango’s issue here.  Patrick makes a connection a bit further than I did in realizing the full potential of this type of attack, as it is a method to use to bankrupt us, destroy our families, and crash morale.  I know from personal experience there is no such thing as winning a lawsuit, especially one brought by the state.  The amount of damage that can be done by this type of slander and libel is serious and dangerous.  At a minimum you’re out of the fight while you get your kids back and your kid is forever scared.

Let me state something right here, right now, for everyone to know so we’re clear.  Anyone who attempts to take my kid away through libel, slander, use of force, or any other threat towards my child will unleash a horror upon them the likes of which they will have never seen.  The most dangerous man in the world is the man who has absolutely nothing to lose, and when you threaten his family or his children, that prospect becomes reality.

My wife says I’m mild mannered and easy to get along with, to a point.  That point is where you intend to bring harm to myself or my family and the type and method of harm is inconsequential.  –B]

Blogger Roll Updates

I got lucky and noticed a couple sites have added me to their blogroll.  If I’m on your blogroll but you’re not on mine, let me know.

A life of Victimhood

CSGV’s Facebook page is becoming an everlasting document to prove fear mongering to gather support.  Their latest attack was against AntiTango, for this post.  What’s interesting is what they chose to complain and then lie about.

Evidently making your kid eat his dinner qualifies as child abuse now.  These people are so obsessed with victimhood that they perceive every action as having a victim.  This even includes the act of self-defense. 


That’s right folks, they admitted that they believe the aggressor is the victim when someone being attacked defends themselves.  I have altered the situations below to reflect their process failure.

  • The victim was shot while trying to rape a woman in her home.
  • The victims were shot while breaking into a house on the east side of town.
  • The victims were shot while robbing a liquor store.
  • The victims were shot while mugging someone at gun point after shooting at their mark.

I could keep going but that should illustrate the process failure.  They do not understand that in each of those cases the person they are calling a victim is anything but.  They ignore and discard any defensive gun use, even if there isn’t a shot fired.  They then extended this victimhood mentality towards tango’s child.


If you skipped the drivel, just note comment #3 from Craig Hexham, as well as the comment from Joan Peterson herself, the last one is a gem as well (see what I did there).  They all seem to think that making a kid eat his dinner is causing the kid pain and suffering.  I was a picky eater when I was a kid, still am actually, but I will usually try anything once, doesn’t mean I’ll like it.  So was that child abuse by my parents growing up?  NO because if I didn’t eat I would be a starving kid. 

My dad when I was 6 months old was making sure I retained my natural ability to swim.  He was trying to get me to leave him and swim a foot to the wall.  I would hold on to him and eventually I would get upset and start crying for no real reason.  He was holding me and I was well above the water, his response, dunk my ass under water.  When I would come back up shortly there after, we’re talking seconds, I wasn’t gasping for air (note the dive reflex in babies), but I stopped crying.  Eventually I figured out the wall was a more stable object to hold onto and swam the foot.  A woman proceeded during this whole even to yell and scream at my dad that it was child abuse.  She had two kids, about 4 and 5, neither one could swim at all.  I swam competition through junior high and high school and still am an excellent swimmer today.  Some would claim it was child abuse, however I as the supposed victim by the method of CSGV’s thinking would vehemently disagree.

What we are actually seeing, it’s actually common even out side of this immediate realm, is the use of children as leverage by the threat of CPS  to force the other side of the argument to yield.  In this case CSGV lied, created a situation, and is now claiming to contact CPS because ultimately they disagree with the parenting style and politics of the parent.  That is not CSGV’s kid, that is not the governments child, neither has any business telling a parent how to raise their kid.  Child abuse is real and it is a problem.  This is NOT child abuse and to claim this as such, as well as other aspects that pertain to parenting and raising your child, demeans every person who ever actually suffered it at the hand of their parent.  My only hope is that whoever ends up investigating this turns around and fine’s your ass for filing a false report. 

H/T Sebastian who also has something to say on it here.

21 Days of Boomershoot–Day 15(2011)

Joe says that he doesn’t get that close, but some time’s he does.  He just he selectively forgets about it. 


This was the fireball from my first Boomershoot in 2008.  He winged the gas can and needed to detonate a little bit quicker.

There are no words…


They fucking told the attackers to flee before the cops arrived and didn’t really help to alleviate the situation and then stepped back and continued to film while the poor girl had a seizure.  I can’t put into words how pissed off the video makes me.

Update (4.25.11)

Apparently the assault victim from the video is a transgender woman.  If this isn’t a hate crime, then nothing is.