Quote of the Day–Kurt Hoffman (05/06/2011)

Perhaps, though, this kind of thinking explains CSGV’s insistence on referring to "our democracy" with such regularity, rather than acknowledging that our nation is a republic. Promoting the notion that we live in a society where the majority rules, meaning that 51% can legitimately vote away the fundamental human rights of the other 49%, fits right into CSGV’s agenda, especially when coupled with the VPC’s latest theme, of gun owners as a minority.

Kurt Hoffman, Down the Memory Hole with @CSGV

[One of my pet peeves is referring to our government as a Democracy.  We are a Constitutional Republic, a democracy is nothing more than mob rule.  A republic is supposed to prevent one group from controlling the other protecting minorities in the process.

As I have said previously there are certain rights that do not require recognition from the government.  Not only that, some rights may not be voted away or removed from the people.  Many of these though were specifically enumerated by the framers of the constitution to provide them extra protection.  The CSGV and Brady Campaign believe they’re in the majority, yet event after event is showing they are anything but.

The CSGV and Brady Campaign are waging a war of manipulation.  Just look at CSGV’s name, who could be for “Gun Violence”?  Just the same, they manipulate people into believing that we have a democracy instead of a republic.  Ultimately representatives should be representing all of their constituents and protecting their rights, even the one’s who didn’t vote for them. –B]

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