Reasoned Discourse By Force of Government

The President has decided to create a new position in the White House, Director of Progressive Media & Online response to remove any negative media about him from the public eye.

Lee will essentially be responsible for building up Obama’s online presence as he prepares for his reelection bid, and squashing any negative stories

Translation: Remove all negative commentary that is derogatory towards reelection despite the truth.  Use the power of government and the threat of force to silence anyone who would dare speak out against the second coming of Jesus our fearless leader.

This is going to go over as well as chocolate over pork.  These are the few things that our dear President doesn’t seem to realize or understand, especially since he still thinks it’s 2008

  1. The internets are forever.  Just because you demand something be removed doesn’t mean it’s gone.
  2. The first amendment protects speech by the people from the interference of government, including elected officials.  As the American public is going to be funding this position will this individual also remove false and derogatory statements about others running for election?  In all likelihood, this individual will be issuing statements to websites that he would remove if it were about the President.
  3. Doing something like this is completely contrary to his transparency policy on government. 
  4. It is yet another example of the government attempting to meddle and control the people without regard for the law or legislative process.  There is a large group of people who don’t like this type of behavior.

The Führer President is attempting to stifle criticism and speech about him.  Soon there will be a politburo which will censor all writing prior to publishing.  It is disconcerting that so many people do not take issue with this type of behavior or see a problem with it and would ignore the fact that these same individuals are asking to be vested with the power to shut down the internet.  Then again there are people who respond with “Heavy Boots.” 

Note: I will not remove any information that is critical of the President or any other elected official.  While the President is deserving of the respect granted him by the office, that does not render him able to do anything without criticism.  Any federal or state employee works for me and I can be critical of how they conduct their business, treat my rights, and behave while spending my money.  The office does not make them a pure soul, they are like you and me, a human being.  If the elected representative dislikes the criticism maybe they should alter their behavior to decrease criticism by me and others like me.

H/T: The Minutewoman

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