If you don’t think the Police State is here…

You’re wrong.

  1. After a SWAT team shot and killed Jose Guerena, a man who broke no laws and his only mistake was being related to someone who did. 
  2. We had an incident where the Department of Education used their own SWAT team to kick down the door of the wrong person over “student loans.” 
  3. The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that the public cannot resist unlawful entry by police
  4. We now have the FBI expanding the discretionary power of their agents.

The FBI is preparing new investigative guidelines for its agents that civil libertarians say would make it easier for agents to search commercial or law enforcement databases, conduct lie detector tests, search people’s trash and conduct physical surveillance, sometimes without any suspicion of wrongdoing.

To go after people who have “attracted” their attention, like their ex-girlfriend, their neighbor they hate, someone who cut them off in traffic.  People have a nasty habit of abusing any power available to them.  Couple that with the Indiana ruling and we have a storm that is ripe for disaster.  Sadly for some reason though the American people seem to look the other way as all of this is happening.  The Boston Massacre happened in the middle of a public street and riled Americans due to the liberties the king was denying them.  While now the government uses jack booted thugs to kick in our door in the middle of the night to kill the men who risked their lives to protect us.

Sadly I think Linoge nailed it on the head today with this statement:

The die has been cast, the train is in motion, the avalanche has started… however you want to phrase it, but what started as a grand experiment in the preservation of individual rights and liberties has ended, for me, with the bullet-ridden body of a United States Marine, laying dead on the floor of his home, guilty of nothing more than being related to some unsavory characters.

We have long past the precipice at this point, each time our rulers become more bold and ruthless.  An effective solution to this problem is becoming more and more difficult to see.  While we are all attempting to solve these problems through the soap box and ballot box, more and more we are seeing that the only remaining solution is the cartridge box.

The government is declaring war on it’s own citizens, it has militarized bands of jack booted thugs who are exempt from the law and legal restraint.  The are free to break down the door of any house and kill anyone inside.  The 4th amendment has been all but actually removed from the bill of rights.  It’s claws and teeth removed by the courts, and claims of necessity which gave birth to the TSA and DHS.  Their goals are to intimidate and scare their subjects in to compliance.

While my tripwire hasn’t been struck, people are certainly dancing around it.  I am stating this here and now, any no knock warrant executed on my house or that of my family will be considered a declaration of war against myself, my family and my freedom.  This includes warrants executed merely because they had the address wrong.  If you have reasonable cause to search my house, that of my family, and have a warrant from a judge, knock on my door and you will be let in peacefully.  Not only that but there are methods that could be used to ensure the safety of the officers and well as law abiding citizens.  I support the US Constitution above all else, and will defend myself against those who attempt to violate it so that they may violate me.

The government is murdering it’s own civilians and it seems like only a few of us are bothering to care or notice.  Frankly, that is the most saddening and disturbing prospect of all.  The American people no longer care about their neighbor, instead they tell the government to look after them and take care of them.

I weep for freedom, liberty, and all those who sacrificed themselves for this great American experiment.  FDR and the socialists have succeeded in what they set out to do, destroy America and the American dream.

Note: I do not condone indiscriminant acts of violence against the government or police.  I am merely condoning the act of self defense.  Someone kicking in the door of a law abiding citizen at Oh-Dark-Thirty with a gun, government agent or not, the home owner has every right to defend himself from the person invading his property.  Agents of the government can shoot people lying on the ground handcuffed in the back and get away with it.  I’d rather die with my boots on thank you.

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