Bikes and Flight

Had a DQ craving and swung by the Man Shack since I was in Pullman.  It was an interesting night.


I took a bunch of pictures of the guys hitting the jumps as well as other stuff throughout the night.  The above is probably my choice as the best one of the bunch.  In between the runs I was talked into hopping on a bike.  I’m not a big fan of motorcycles mainly due to the lack of protection for the operator.  However I consider knowing how to operate different types of machinery a valuable skill to have.  So they started to teach me the basics of riding.


I was doing decently well, then I ended up laying it down.  The wife stopped taking pictures when that happened, she was more interested in if I had broken anything.  I know to avoid the front brakes, my mountain bikes rear brakes are the same as the front brakes on the bike.  When instinct takes over it’s a problem.  Thankfully it was just some road rash in the palms.  I spent 20-30 minutes scrubbing getting as much of the gravel and dirt out as I could.  There’s still a few black specs in there but its still amazingly clean.  Rubbed some alcohol across as disinfectant, put some antiseptic on there and wrapped it up.  Today I’m leaving it open to the air to heal.  Some say bandages work faster, it’s been my experience that air helps considerably.


We had a shipping crate that needed destruction, it was awesome when it finally fell.  We had fresh Kokanee from Dworshak grilled up as well.


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