Every Sperm is Sacred

NoteEvery sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irateNote

People flipped their shit over tanks that fell from a Greyhound bus.  Granted, gas was escaping the top of the canisters along with a foul odor.  The on-ramp to I-65 South in Nashville, TN was closed and Hazmat brought in.  The canisters contained liquid nitrogen and, you guessed it, semen. 

Coming from an animal science background, the bull semen contained in the canisters is most likely useless now that the liquid nitrogen escaped and a foul odor was emanating from them.  That is a lot of wasted money, not to mention a major set back to the breeding facility where they were headed.  Choosing sperm for such facility is not a simple task.  Each cow to be bred is matched with a specific bull for various traits to be passed on to offspring. The collection of said semen is also an arduous task and who knows if there is extra semen ready to go to cover such a loss.

It’s a shame for the poor guy that spent all that time collecting the semen.  All that time jacking off the bull just got dumped over the highway for nothing.  Hopefully the bull will still talk to him after the last venture cause it looks like they’ll be visiting each other again.

Reminds me of a lesson one of my instructors told us.  You only suck too hard once while mouth pipetting semen.  He was speaking from experience.

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