SSCC #24-26 –Oklahoma State Patrol

In a news release Tuesday, Logan County District Attorney Tommy Lee says while on duty as a trooper, Venable pulled over a woman on the Broadway Extension in Oklahoma City. Lee says Venable took the woman into custody for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. He’s accused of then transporting her to a residence in Guthrie where he had sex with her.

While on duty he made an arrest.  Then he proceeded to use his position over the woman to satisfy his own urges.  Ignore the statement that he is a “former” officer because he resigned as opposed to actually being dismissed by the OSP as punishment.  This is by no means the first issue with OSP either, not even the first of a sexual nature.

Arganbright has been under investigation for professional misconduct by the Internal Affairs Division of the state Department of Public Safety. Among the allegations against him, are that he used his patrol car for romantic rendezvous with a 16-year-old girl and sent text messages to her, asking her run away with him, authorities said.

A cop having relations with a minor, at least in this case the OSP actually fired him.  Not to mention he was also tagged with violating a protection order and embezzlement.  The most famous incident of late though happens to be the following:

This incident though from 2009 shows the depth of the problem considering the officer at question was reinstated shortly there after.  There is a history of the OSP looking the other way when it’s officers step out of line.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 26 (All three officers committed these crimes while on duty)

Because since the girl was drunk it’s all her fault since the officer was on duty, right? 

Because pedophiles could never possibly work for the government, and most definitely wouldn’t use their authority to abuse their victims, right?

Because the cop and his authoritah is considerably more important than the woman having a heart attack in the back of the ambulance.

SSCC #23–Knox County Sheriff

Nichols also says that if he were a gambling man, his money would be on someone eventually getting charged in connection with the card games. So far, though, no one’s been arrested.

In the meantime, the Sheriff’s Office has amassed a tidy loot of more than a dozen slightly-used felt tables, lots of playing cards, stacks of poker chips, surveillance cameras and, biggest of all, more than $50,500 cash (although authorities haven’t disclosed the exact amount).

The sheriff contends these weren’t buddies getting together but arranged games to turn a profit for the organizer.  If that’s the case, why wasn’t the organizer arrested on the spot?  Later in the article it becomes immediately clear what’s going on:

"Any money seized … is subject to forfeiture," said John Gill, special counsel to Nichols . "If we say gambling occurred, regardless of whether we prosecute a specific person, we can seize the property and the money."

So what ever happened to due process?  I guess the Knox County Sheriff threw it out with the garbage when they discovered the county debt is increasing without restraint.  What better way to supplement it than through forfeitures that do not require a prosecution.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 23

Because what better way to whittle your deficit down than to steal money from friends gambling in their garage.  It’s 100% taxation without due process or legal recourse for the tax payer, how can the state loose?

SSCC #22–Maricopa County

More details on the incident can be read about here.  Honestly I’m at a loss for words. That video makes me want to drive down to Maricopa county and put my boot up sheriff Joe’s ass given the abuse exhibited by that department.  This is by no means the first incident like this and it most definitely will not be the last either.  Given their use of no-knock warrants and the belief that the cop has more of a right to his life than a law abiding citizen, there’s no doubt more people are going to be tortured to death at the hands of Joe Aripaio’s thugs.

Normally I would expand further, but that video is pretty much self explanatory.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 22

Because every corrections officer should be allowed to torture and kill an inmate who is no immediate threat without fear of punishment.

h/t Bill

Bunch of Hypocrites

So, a couple months ago while the Egyptian riots were going down, our government berated the Egyptian government for cutting off internet access and limiting communications.  Well local legislators have yet again embraced the “let no crisis go wasted” mantra and are now exploiting the London riots to be able to restrict communication abilities.

The question resonated Saturday in San Francisco and beyond as details emerged of Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut off underground cellphone service for a few hours at several stations Thursday. Commuters at stations from downtown to near the city’s main airport were affected as BART officials sought to tactically thwart a planned protest over the recent fatal shooting of a 45-year-old man by transit police.

Considering this is the “Republik of California” how does one now notify the police when in an emergency situation?  You have not only disabled the ability of the enemy for communication, but for the law abiding as well.  But that’s the point isn’t it, put the public in the dark and make them dependent upon the state for assistance.

That said, I know that all they did is disable the towers within the tunnels, but it’s only a matter of time before they request the ability to do it elsewhere.  The wife and I have backup long distance communications abilities and procedures, do you?

The Problem with Stop and Identify – SSCC #21

There has been a lot of back and forth by me regarding this one and actually including it as a criminal count.  I finally decided that it is due to the following facts:

  • The initial contact was not by an identified LEO.  Sorry but a shirt that says public safety officer doesn’t count.
  • That individual in question made physical contact without proper legal authority.
  • The initial contact had no legal purpose as there was no suspicious activity to warrant investigation or the belief that a crime had occurred.

That said, the New York State Patrol I’m afraid is technically in the clear.  Note I said technically.  New York is a stop and identify state.  What is problematic is this law is most easily abused, much like the declaration of a concealed firearm was in Ohio.  The initial contact was in no way legal, as there was no reasonable reason to believe a crime had occurred.  This LEO then assaulted one of the people he was intimidating and then called in the state police.  The state police with what they were informed at this point had given them enough to reasonably believe that a crime had occurred.  The problem is the issue is circular.  Identifying is what is claimed as the obstruction and a failure to identify, and to the state patrol officers all they know is what they were told over the radio.

This brings me to the second issue, as they were on foot, they have no duty to provide photo identification.  They government must supply identification should they be requiring it when no license is required for walking.  The individuals involved are at a loss when it comes to dealing with the mess that is the legal system and they knew none of the key words that should be used in a situation like this.  This further compounded the irritation exhibited by both state patrol officers.

If you are stopped on the street the conversation should go something like the following if you’re unfortunate enough to live in a stop and identify state*:

  • Officer: Sir I need to see Identification
  • You: Am I under arrest?
  • Officer: No, but I need to see identification.
  • You: Am I being detained?
  • Officer: No
  • You: Then you have no legal right to request me to identify (depends on state in this case it would work).

Another variation:

  • You: Am I being detained?
  • Officer: Yes
  • You: Why am I being detained?
  • Officer: (State’s a reasonable reason for being detained)
  • You: (Identify) State your name and address.
  • Officer: What are you doing here?
  • You: (State’s reason for being in area and what you are doing)

Third variation is much like the second but that’s if they say you are under arrest.  Again depending on the state they must inform you what you are being arrested for prior to the cuffs.  This is because some states allow you to resist an unlawful arrest, even by force.  If you pursue this route be careful and be sure you can win; it’s going to be a very tough fight.  Then again you might end up dead anyway, killed while handcuffed in the jail.

So on that final note: The stupid public safety officer is abusing the law to intimidate the public and twisting it to obtain the support of the state patrol.  The state patrol was acting within the law, but the law allows them too much leeway.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 21

Because the job of “public safety” is to harass law abiding citizens on foot to the point of arrest by twisting poorly constrained legislation.

Found here.

*Note: I am not a lawyer, do not take this as legal advice, do any of the following at your own risk.  Make sure you know the applicable laws for the areas you live and are traveling in.


How to tell they’re not serious about the budget…

They put Washington State Senator Patty Murray in charge of finding 1.5 trillion to cut from the deficit.

That socialist cow has never seen a taxpayer dollar she didn’t feel like spending.  Not to mention how much she loves the TSA, Social Security, Obama Care, and ever other big government program under the sun*. I sent a letter to both Senators over Obama care, it was obvious she never read mine since she (more likely an aid) sent me a response thanking me for my support and then reiterating the lies of why it was so important to pass it.

You want to know why the S&P down graded the credit of the United States?  This is why, the government isn’t serious about cutting back spending in any way, shape, or form.  The proposed cut backs amount to pennies in comparison to the problem and even then they shove the spending cow from Washington to be in charge of it. 

I can guarantee you ever last cut is going to be from programs that will cause maximum carnage and outrage so that all the Repulicrats and Democicans can drum up support amongst the dependent voters.  The country is swirling the drain folks and I hope you’re ready cause it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Seriously, that’s like putting the fat kid at fat camp in charge of the diet.

*I’m sure that the fact that I am stating these opinions publically will have me placed on the list for reeducation when the time arrives.  She seriously is nothing more than an elitist socialist cow.

Awesomeness via 1910!

Came across this wonderful little book that honestly everyone should read.  DuPont, I thank you for creating that wonderful book.  It’s been forwarded to Joe, but this thing is just too awesome not to share.


Sign of the Times

A Tennessee doctor who lost his right hand serving in Afghanistan says a bag containing three of his prosthetic hands was stolen out of his car over the weekend.

Seriously, what kind of low life scumbag does it take to say, hey lets steal this guys prosthetic limb?  It’s not as if there is any scrap value to the items.  The thief can’t exactly use them for their own missing limb as they’re custom fitted to the primary user.  How fitted I hear you ask, my father in law gets a new leg about every 12-18 months.  The norm is about 3-5 years, however weight changes, activity, and changes to muscling cause fit issues.  Due to his job, as well as external activity level, those things fluctuate grossly.

I don’t normally do the wishing violence or harm to people, but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for that theft.  The only “benefit” is the thief can get his rocks off knowing he stole the tools someone uses to help them function in the world.  So on that note I hope that the individual responsible ends up getting his nuts caught in a meat grinder.  If you see someone with a bunch of prosthetics that obviously aren’t theirs, kick them in the nuts for Mr. McConnell.