SSCC #59 & #60 – Raleigh N.C.

A man who was eating a taco at a Raleigh bus stop says a cop swept-kicked him to the ground, broke his leg and arrested him, then hauled him before a judge who sentenced him to 30 days in jail for contempt, because he could not stand on his broken leg.

This one has left me speechless.  Seriously, cop breaks the guys leg over a beer can that wasn’t his.  Then the judge gave him 30 days for contempt because he couldn’t stand on his broken leg.  What the FUCK!!!  All he was trying to do was eat his lunch while waiting for the bus. This cop was so bored he felt it necessary to physically assault him.  At no time did Artis use or threaten force against the officer, but the officer felt it necessary to initiate force against him.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 60 (Raleigh PD Officer James Rollins*, and Magistrate Bostrom)

Because when an injury is caused by a cop acting unlawfully, you need to be punished for having said injury.  I mean how else will the judge feel superior?

*From now on if the names of the criminals can be found I’m going to post them either on the count line or earlier in the post.

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