Mayor Bloomberg, the asshat, has decided that first responders are not invited to the 10th anniversary ceremony of ground zero.

Because you know, the people who ran into the buildings trying to save people should totally be left out.  The people who spent weeks of their own time searching for survivors should not be there either.  But we have more than enough room for three asshat’s that actually had NOTHING to do with any of it.  Obama, Bush, and Giuliani did absolutely nothing that day.  Everyone else did what they were trained to do, those three are just using the deaths of others for political gain.

Those three individuals do nothing but masturbate thinking about the abuse created by the TSA and DHS knowing it has been created and furthered by their hand.  They take no greater pleasure than that of destroying the rights of the law abiding, sexually abusing them, and intimidating them.

It should come as no surprise that given those three have such fine moral caliber, the first responders would not be invited to their private little circle jerk of tyranny.  Frankly, if I was a first responder, I would keep my ass home because nothing good could possibly come from aiding in their political power plays.

Thank you TMM for the commentary.

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