It Can’t Happen Here–Carson City, NV

Sadly, in Carson City Nevada, 3 people were killed, 2 being Guardsmen at IHOP and 8 people were injured.  Locals Barbecue and an H&R Block were also fired upon.  The shooter killed himself, putting the count at 4 dead

"This happens in third-world countries, not here," Swagler said.

This is not limited to third world countries, look at what happened in Lakewood, WA and Fort Hood, TX.  What really bites and pours salt into open wounds is the fact that our men in the military cannot be armed while in uniform.

"I don’t know what’s happening to my city," Hunter said. "This happens in L.A. or Las Vegas but not here."

Tragedies such as this can happen anywhere.  They are not limited to high profile cities. Look at what happened in little ol’ Moscow, ID.  Loons are found everywhere.

H/T Weer’d Beard and TinCan Assassin

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