SSCC #85–FBI, Alameda and Martinez Police

Police and FBI agents arrested a drug suspect in Alameda on Wednesday, but not before mistakenly trying to raid a home across the street belonging to a network TV reporter and her political consultant husband.

Officers intended to carry out a follow-up raid Wednesday, but didn’t realize that Ung had sold the four-bedroom home to the Clemenses about three months ago and is renting a home across the street.

Awesome police work there sparky!  Guess all those delayed notice warrants for terrorism have really aided the police in doing their job haven’t they?  Seriously why do these mentally degenerate morons never think to actually verify the person they’re looking for lives there first.  Then at least when they point their guns as someone and try to arrest them they at least know they are dealing with the right person.

It reminds me of a scene from Demolition Man

Chief: "While you were sleeping, everyone in the city was installed code. Sensors all over the city can zero in on anyone at any time. I can’t even conceive a visual of what you police officers did before it was developed."

Stallone: "We worked for a living. This fascist crap makes me want to puke."

Now days instead of working for a living, they just kick down any door and shoot whoever’s inside.  No worries about consequences though, the law protects them from such silly things.  Though in this case we didn’t hear about them shooting the dog.  Though I think Ry was right when he said, “Of course, she’s a reporter, so they didn’t shoot her dog.”  Cause while they shoot other peoples dogs, this one would be guaranteed to be in the news for the next month until a settlement was paid out.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 85 (Sure there’s more involved, but I have no clue how many.)

Because police work is now for chumps since qualified immunity means that no matter how bad you screw up, you’re still justified and squeaky clean.

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