Report Your Neighbor, Get a Piece of Candy

So via Uncle this morning we found out about Obama’s new campaign to to silence dissent amongst the American people.

Friends using Oldspeak? Well, go tell Uncle Barack how double plus ungood they are!

This is much the same as his “Fight the Smears” campaign or [email protected].  We also can not forget about the thickest icing on the cake, how Obama was creating a position amongst his czars specifically to enforce reasoned discourse at the point of a gun.  Here I thought American Presidents had members of a cabinet, while fearless leader preferred to have Czars.

The bottom line is Obama wants to quell criticism because that’s the only way he can attempt to hid the truth.  In the words of John Adams, “Facts are stubborn things.”  His effort to stifle the voice of the American people is down right insulting and is blatantly the sign of a tyrant.  He can respond all he likes by posting rebuttals, but efforts such as this scream nothing more than 1-800-Dial-a-Nazi.  Seriously you may be campaigning for reelection but you still in your position of power.  Things like this are too easily abused.

This all coming from the same White House that appointed Eric Holder to AG, and disavows any knowledge of “Gun Walker” .  Kind of convenient considering his comment earlier this year stating that “gun control was happening under the radar”.  The individual in charge of the ATF was just a temporary appointment to avoid congressional review.  He has since been forced to step down, but instead of being fired, he got a transfer.  Where could a person with such high moral caliber work, I know the Justice Department!  Then on the “Attack Watch” website they claim that Obama is pro-gun because of the National Parks Concealed Carry rider that was tacked onto a credit card bill.  A bill that was deemed important by his party so it was almost sure to pass.

I think Weer’d nailed it with this video:

So given my bash fest here, my previous posts about him and other government policies; if you want to report this site, feel free.  I will state again what I stated last time involving the creation of that stupid ass czar.

Note: I will not remove any information that is critical of the President or any other elected official.  While the President is deserving of the respect granted him by the office, that does not render him able to do anything without criticism.  Any federal or state employee works for me and I can be critical of how they conduct their business, treat my rights, and behave while spending my money.  The office does not make them a pure soul, they are like you and me, a human being.  If the elected representative dislikes the criticism maybe they should alter their behavior to decrease criticism by myself and others like me.

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