Opt out of screening, here’s the result

What happened next was unnecessary and out of line; instead of just running his fingers along the waistband, he pulled out, at which point my button ripped out of the shorts, and the zipper came all the way down, exposing my underwear down to the crotch. Horror. I quickly zipped my shorts up. What the hell? I can understand there might have be a possibility that the thread or fabric near the button had been weakened over time, but even then, my zipper should not have unzipped down to the bottom if he was only feeling the waistband. Obviously my frustration showed, but did the TSA agent offer a solution for my broken button? or say anything besides “oops. I’m Sorry”? No. He just continued over to the machine to wipe his gloves down looking for residue, and then put wipe into machine.

I’m reasonably sure the only reason they escorted him to the back room is to ensure there would be no witnesses to the attack.  Yes this was an attack because it resulted in damage to property.  Not only that but the agents actions were nothing more than an attempt at sexual humiliation.

I don’t wish ill or harm on anyone, but frankly my opinion is starting to change regarding TSA agents.  Even if agent A isn’t responsible, he still covers for agent B.  They’re nothing but predators who cover for each other.

The TSA has so many issues it shall remain in this post by itself

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