SSCC #92- Huston PD

Houston police announced Thursday that they have indefinitely suspended an officer who was legally drunk when he crashed into a school bus earlier this year.

When I read that I figured well maybe he was off duty and was on his way home so this is more of a “honorable mention” category.  Then in my research I found this line which makes me think this isn’t his first rodeo.

A veteran Houston police officer with a blood-alcohol content of .205 — more than twice the legal limit — was driving to work when he collided with a private school bus this month, authorities said.

Emphasis mine.  It bugs me that the two papers are indicating a different BAC, though the newer article may be the result of a more accurate blood test.  Either way he was well beyond smashed and he was going to continue to be smashed well beyond after his shift started.

Then to add insult to injury the police tried to fault the bus driver and even cited the bus driver.  So Trejo wasn’t charged with DUI until two weeks later.  Thankfully the citation against the bus driver was dropped.  In a shining glimmer of hope.  Trejo was basically fired by the department meaning the pension board can decide not to give him benefits.  That little bit right there would shift this from SSCC to also being Accountabiliabuddiable (A possible thought for the name of the other series). 

I wonder if this guy is going to move up to Indianapolis now and join the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  Tam say’s it’s so common up their it’s loosing it’s news worthiness and they probably scout for talent

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 92 – Ruben Trejo

Because blowing a .205 means you’ve got just enough buzz to ride you through the whole shift!

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