SSCC #93-97–Wisconsin State Police

Skip to 2:07 for the part you actually care about.

Seriously I’m at a loss for words at the behavior of those officers.  What that man was doing was protected by state law and they arrested and assaulted him.  Even after being notified of their being in the wrong.

A note, I would suggest after notifying them of the law just keep your mouth shut.  They have created a monopoly on force by disarming everyone attempting to view a public meeting in a public building.  Some civil attorney is going to have a field day with this.

State Sponsored Criminal Count**: 97

Because cops can do whatever the hell they want despite the law. We create civilian disarmament zones and qualified immunity so cops can act without fear of reprisal.

*This is a perfect example of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Public unions are bullshit, but the behavior of the police and the flag preventing an act protected by state law is total crap.  Every officer involved should be thrown in jail immediately at a minimum.

**It has been pointed out that the video is lacking in what happened prior to the arrest.  There is a possibility these individuals were creating a ruckus in the gallery.  I am going to let this stand due to the statement banning video from the Gallery which blatantly violates WI law.  I wish there was video showing him just sitting there doing nothing but recording but who knows.  It appears to be correct and I’ll let it stand unless someone has video showing otherwise.  

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