SSCC #98 –Atlanta PD

A physically disabled Atlanta woman, who said she was thrown to the ground and arrested for refusing to get out of her chair, is seeking compensation.

Dan Grossman, an attorney for Shequita Walker, 40, said she was sitting April 21 on a metal chair in the vacant lot next to her home, where she often sits on hot afternoons, when police officer Kenneth Thomas approached and asked her to move, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday.

Grossman said Walker, who suffers from severe joint pain and has a limited range of motion, told the officer she was within her rights to sit outside and Thomas then twisted her arm, causing her to fall to the concrete.

This is what happens when cops get bored.  It’s quite similar to this incident in which the judge joined in on the party.  The wife just forwarded me a nice article with a picture taken during the arrest.

Seriously on what planet is behavior like this deemed acceptable?

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 98 – Kenneth Thomas

Because when you’re bored and someone’s sitting on a public bench.  Ask them to leave for no reason or justification.  One way or another you’ll get to use force.

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