It Can’t Happen Here–Issaquah, WA

A high class, quiet town nestled in the Cascade foothills in Western Washington, what could possibly happen there?  The most one ever hears about Issaquah is that it is home to Krispy Kreme Donuts in Western Washington (they showed up there first before spreading).  Who’d a thunk a deranged lunatic would would open fire there?

“We were running from guns. That’s not supposed to happen in Issaquah,” she said.

“It was so close. It was like you didn’t really think it could be gunfire right behind you,” said another woman who was there, Dawn Hill.

Issaquah is home to people who work at tech companies, much like Microsoft and it’s not exactly “low rent”.  Yet, bad things still happen.

“In my whole life I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Jack Hover.

Just because it hasn’t happen before, doesn’t mean it can’t happen at all.

Mmmm…Krispy Kreme.

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