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Apparently, people now, in the US, have the ability to screen their future offspring In vitro and choose which embryo to keep and which to “discard”.  Not only can gender be selected, but genetic diseases can be tested for and culled out by not choosing the vulnerable embryos.

DNA analysis of human embryos are also currently used to
determine vulnerability to illnesses such as Down syndrome, hemophilia,
kidney disease and cystic fibrosis, according to Kisken.

People seem to want this ability without realizing the consequences of their own actions.  When I read the article, a particular movie came to mind.  Gattaca, despite being science-fiction, is scary on the basis that it is indeed plausible.  Steps are being taken to lead us in that direction.  It is getting harder and harder to have a natural birth in hospitals.  Doctors feel it is safer for a woman to give birth via Cesarean section (though i think they are just thinking about their pocketbooks).  Pretty soon, it this keeps up, women will not be able to have a natural conception, let alone a natural birth if they so please.  With the government spreading its grimy little fingers into every facet of our daily lives, it would not surprise me if the new healthcare will start to require In vitro fertilization and screening.  To “ease” the requirements of the public health system.  Next thing you know, you won’t be able to exchange any bodily fluids without a permit to do so.  As one will have to be screened as fit for reproduction.

Just as in Gattaca, embryos will be screened for genetic superiority and if a child is conceived and born by natural means, that child will be classified inferior, provided the pregnancy is even allowed to go to term.  What better way to induce someone into wanting to get an abortion if there is no way to obtain health insurance for their child.  The only way to make it anywhere in life will be through registration as a genetically superior being.

Stop playing God, all it does is allow discrimination of the “lesser beings”.  

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