On those NUBs Occupying Space

I pretty much have written them off as nothing more than another reason to invest in metals such as Lead, Copper, and Brass.  At least this movement has the benefit of gathering all those NUBs* together into one common location to make them more easily identifiable.

Surfing through my news blotters today I stumbled across an article in the Huffpost that made me start laughing uncontrollably.

There’s no shortage of talking, and you never know who will take hold
of the People’s Mic. Persuasive speakers on all sides can give General
Assembly meetings a roller-coaster feel. Someone always seems to oppose a
budget proposal, or have a strong dissenting opinion on something that
seems on its way to sure passage. Just one voice joining the debate at
the last minute has the power to sway the entire discussion.

With every proposal, there are questions and there are concerns, and
the process continues and continues. The facilitators say numerous times
the group has strayed off process. Questions are sometimes ignored for
being “off-topic” even when they aren’t, time constraints are cited and
frustrations boil over. Occupiers curse, speak out of turn and sometimes
they just keep on talking, despite “Mic Check” calls over them. Those
on all sides alienate each other.

It is often said that Democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep getting together to decide what’s for dinner.  It appears that the Occupy movement is finally getting a solid lesson in what Democracy is, mob rule, where to win a debate you just need to sway the ignorant.

Earlier last week it came out that the leadership and operation of the movement was doing many of the very things they were protesting against Wallstreet for.  Including having a tax man taking from part of the group.  The group that was taxed was ignored by the remaining part of the Occupy group and is not given the support they require.

The drummers claim that the finance working group even levied a percussion tax of sorts, taking up to half of the $150-300 a day that the drum circle was receiving in tips. “Now they have over $500,000 from all sorts of places,” said Engelerdt. “We’re like, what’s going on here? They’re like the banks we’re protesting.”

Not to mention that a bunch of the protesters learned what it was like to have people come and claim their personal property as belonging to the public [commune].

Another argument broke out next to the pile of appropriated belongings, growing taller by the minute. A man named Sage Roberts desperately rifled through the pile, looking for a sleeping bag. “They’ve taken my stuff,” he muttered. Lauren Digion, the sanitation group leader, broke in: “This isn’t your stuff. You got all this stuff from comfort [the working group]. It belongs to comfort.”

The article then goes on to point out how they have people freeloading within their borders and there’s nothing they can do about it other than just deal with it.  That all sounds really freaking familiar you know that?  The only support they get from me is that I support their right to speak and peaceably assemble.  That said, I have serious problems with the property damage and costs these individuals are inflicting on those who do not support them or their cause.  It is not the job of the public to pay for their protest.  It is for those latter reasons I do not consider it a peaceably assembly and while it is certainly possible that the police have used excessive force I’m disappointed it’s taken them this long to start throwing the bums out.

So when I saw this at the end of the first article:

They’re planning to “Occupy Central Park” next month — on 11-11-11 — and hope the move will bring the protesters together again and unite them with their counterparts across the world.

I immediately started wondering what could be done as a response this time around.  Last year for the 10/10/10 green BS we went and made Mother Gaia our bitch.  Some of you might not be in the area, feel free to come up with your own methods of flipping the bird to the Occupy whatever movement.  Looks like I need to email some people to see what we can come up with.

*For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s Non Usable Body.  It’s also used in video games for players that just can’t seem to learn, but I’m channeling Disgruntled Sailor here.

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