SSCC #155 – Chicago PD

Guess this guy and Officer Roid Rage share a few chromosomes.  

In the video, Flint Farmer was lying on the grass between the curb and the sidewalk. It was shortly before 2 a.m. on a June morning in the West Englewood neighborhood, and Farmer had been shot by a Chicago police officer. Then, according to the video, the veteran officer, Gildardo Sierra, stepped onto the parkway and walked a semicircle about the prone Farmer as three bright flashes went off.

The flashes, captured by a police car video camera, were fatal shots fired into Farmer’s back, officials say.

Don’t worry though folks because he can sleep like a baby.  You know why?

Sierra told investigators he feared for his life because he believed Farmer had a gun.

In fact, Farmer was only holding a cellphone.

Ends up the victim only had a cellphone, but no worries for the officer because the department still ruled the use as justified. Never mind the fact that this is the third shooting this officer was involved in within a year. The second which resulted in a fatality.

If a man prone on the ground with a cellphone makes you in fear for your life, you’re in the wrong job field moron. Even if he had a gun on his person that doesn’t make that a justified shoot. There was nothing about the victim that stated he was a threat to the officer, doubly so considering he was shot in the back. The feds are investigating this now as the officer has been involved in multiple shootings over a short period of time.

Sierra claims the video only shows part of the incident, frankly I don’t give a shit. You’re career as an officer should be over. You shot an unarmed man who was prone on the ground in the back.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 155: Gildardo Sierra

Because being on the Chicago PD means you can kill someone prone on the ground that is unarmed and the department will justify it. Chicago PD is it’s own execution squad.

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