SSCC #163 – Canton Mo.

Hudnall pleaded guilty to buying a .45-caliber firearm at a Canton gun shop. He admitted with his plea that he made a false statement on the Firearms Transaction Record form to obtain the firearm for an individual known by Hudnall to be a convicted felon and, therefore, prohibited from possessing a firearm.

I don’t know if he was currently the chief at the time of this incident but the act is so egrigious that I cannot let it pass.  Doubly so considering the very light sentence he was given.  Had it been someone who wasn’t in law enforcement their ass would have been grilled to the wall.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 163: William Hudnall

Because it’s the job of police and law enforcement to arm felons.  Just ask the ATF.*

*You would think that joke would get old, but seriously, it just doesn’t considering how horrible the ATFs actions are yet those responsible are all walking away.

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