Use A Holster Idiot!

A Milwaukee police officer is under investigation, after his gun went off accidentally Wednesday, in the middle of Southridge Mall.

It ends up however this officer felt he was Palaxo Burris in his off time.

Carry of a gun tucked in the waistband *without* a holster aka “Plaxico Burress” style is no accident, and is not a safe way to carry a handgun. Its unfortunate that with all the purported training that we often hear that police officers obtain with regard to firearms that both Police Chiefs do not take the opportunity to use this as a teachable moment.

Incidents such as this are easily preventable and are nothing but a blight on those who carry responsibly everywhere.  This is another example though that the police are not always the best trained or equipped to carry their firearms.  It adds yet another example to the long list of examples of why the “Anointed Class” doesn’t work.

Next time dumb ass wear a freaking holster.  To the idiot agencies who said the following:

“He was not trying to take any action. He didn’t engage in any tomfoolery. He was examined and found fit for duty by two separate police agencies. It’s an accident and the investigation will continue,” Chief Flynn said.

You’re wrong!  Properly carrying a firearm always involves carrying in a holster.  Police officers on duty don’t carry without a holster.  Responsible firearms owners and permit holders carry using the proper equipment.

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2 Responses to Use A Holster Idiot!

  1. Al Coholic says:

     What’s a “holster idiot”, and how one is supposed to use it or him?

    • It’s all a matter of how you read it.  Coming straight from the minute mom (an english teacher), “The comma is overused and in this case it is merely a matter of style.  No pause is necessary in this instance.”

      As your screen name is “Al Coholic” I assume you’re too drunk to properly type the word, or know proper English.
      Go play grammar nazi someplace else.