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So I went up Moscow Mountain this morning to help with the Tri-State ARO repeater.  The antenna is having issues and is in need of replacement.  All was going well until we hit the last gate.  Someone had gotten stuck and left the entry way a mess.  Combine that with the fresh snow and ice on the ground the heavier rigs had problems since they’d slip in to the rut quite quickly and be headed for impalement by the gate.   When you backed back down it was all polished up too so you’d start sliding towards the side of the embankment to tumble down Moscow Mountain.

I tried to crawl up and scrub my way through the rut but it just didn’t help.  While I turned around the one rig that could make had the antenna so he took it up to drop it off and the tower climber went up as well to aid in some other trouble shooting.

It was about 3 minutes after they left I realized I had all the tower climber’s stuff in my rig and had my camera with me.  I was stuck waiting for them, and I was not going to get what I originally came for.  I then began the 2 mile hike to the radio tower.  It paid off.

Moscow Mountain Panoramic Thumbnail

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the tower after I took the panoramic.  As Alan would say these are just “cute little towers” since up here in the north west we actually have mountains and hills to put them on top of.  So we need a little elevation but nothing like what he needs in the flats of Texas.

We’re currently in the process of planning a return trip on either quads or snowmobiles.  If they do it on snowmobiles I’ll rent one for myself to tag along.

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