SSCC #164 – Atlanta PD

Wilson Carstaffin, 46, met his 12-year-old victim in November 2007 while working a side job as a resource officer at a middle school. According
to prosecutors, Carstaffin summoned the girl, who has a slight developmental disability, from class and instructed her to meet him after school at a nearby church.

Yet again a police officer placed within a school has ended up being a predator. Again I ask, why does a police officer all the sudden get a free pass when it comes to trust just because he is an agent of the government?

I understand why they put resource officers within schools, but I do wonder why departments don’t follow basic youth protection policy involving two deep interaction.  If you have kids remind them that as a minor if the officers wish to interact with them they have a right to have their guardian or legal council present.  As always, your children should know to exercise that right.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 164: Wilson Carstaffin

Because when you wear a badge you no longer have to work to be trusted, it is bestowed by government.

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