SSCC #143 – Round Two

Reader Jake posted a comment regarding a continuation of SSCC #143.  It appears that Grubbs has now kidnapped his victim.

A 16-year-old Bedford County girl who has been missing since Sunday
night might be with a former sheriff’s deputy charged with taking
indecent liberties with a child, state police said.

He was released after being charged on a $5,000 bond.  Given the loss of his job, the pending charges, and probable prison time this predator has gone from lurking in the shadows to all out dangerous.

I would also be reasonably sure that the judge issued a no contact order to Grubbs for the victim, yet again showing how pointless that little piece of paper is.  All it does is provide an extra charge to tack on after they zip up the body bag.  I hope in this case they find the young woman safe, but there is no question Grubbs was a rabid predator hiding amongst his prey.

Because being a former cop means life is easier when you’re brought before the bar.  No worries of high bail even with a large amount of evidence, which ensures you can get the hell out of dodge. 

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