SSCC Honorable Mention – Yemassee PD

According to the arrest warrant provided by SLED, Curtis Fields agreed
not to issue a speeding ticket in exchange for oral sex.  The warrant
states that on November 5th, 2011, Fields conducted a traffic
stop on a vehicle operated by the victim who was speeding on Interstate
95.  During the traffic stop, he agreed not to issue the victim a
traffic ticket in exchange for sex. 

Seriously!? It gets better though, the bone head wasn’t even smart enough to turn off his mic and video. So the whole thing was recorded for posterity and when someone reviewed the tape, he was nailed to the wall.  So this one’s at least being held some what accountable.  The only statement was he was no longer with the department.  Which means they may have offered him the opportunity to resign meaning he could go find a position as an LEO someplace else.  Consider this my effort to add another hit in Google to limit that ability.  He has no business in law enforcement.

There are serious issues in the current system for dealing with speed limits and speeders though.  I can’t help but look at this situation and say, “there’s a hot girl and just pulled her over claiming that she was speeding.”  The thing with speeding tickets is it’s your word against there’s and any actual physical evidence obtained is only seen by the officer.  A little birdy told me of a simple way to fight back, now to figure out how I could market it and sell it after development.  It is technically legal since the whole system is passive.  

The bottom line though is if you think that the police and speed limits are really there just for your safety think again.  That’s why officer friendly here went out hunting.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #195: Curtis Fields

Because when you’re a police officer, solicitation means just pulling a chick over and offering her an out for the ticket.  

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