Engineering Awesomeness

Stumbled across this today and having done model aircraft when I was younger I can’t help but look at this with a dropped jaw.

That is an operational scale V-8 engine. How operational?

  • Fuel Pump
  • Runs off of standard 87-octane
  • Electric start
  • Water Pump and Jacket
  • Oil Pump
  • Working supercharger
  • Functional carburetors
  • Distributor and Spark-Plugs

Naturally aspirated it pulls about 5.5HP at 9500 RPM. The supercharged version runs about 9HP at 9500 RPM.  Cost’s a pretty penny though and I’m not that much of a gear head.  Though if I had a classic car I’d probably buy one to make a scale model replica.  It’s cost prohibitive for anything I could think to use it for but I can’t help but look at it and think it’s freaking neat.  Find more info here.

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