Use A Holster Idiot!

A Milwaukee police officer is under investigation, after his gun went off accidentally Wednesday, in the middle of Southridge Mall.

It ends up however this officer felt he was Palaxo Burris in his off time.

Carry of a gun tucked in the waistband *without* a holster aka “Plaxico Burress” style is no accident, and is not a safe way to carry a handgun. Its unfortunate that with all the purported training that we often hear that police officers obtain with regard to firearms that both Police Chiefs do not take the opportunity to use this as a teachable moment.

Incidents such as this are easily preventable and are nothing but a blight on those who carry responsibly everywhere.  This is another example though that the police are not always the best trained or equipped to carry their firearms.  It adds yet another example to the long list of examples of why the “Anointed Class” doesn’t work.

Next time dumb ass wear a freaking holster.  To the idiot agencies who said the following:

“He was not trying to take any action. He didn’t engage in any tomfoolery. He was examined and found fit for duty by two separate police agencies. It’s an accident and the investigation will continue,” Chief Flynn said.

You’re wrong!  Properly carrying a firearm always involves carrying in a holster.  Police officers on duty don’t carry without a holster.  Responsible firearms owners and permit holders carry using the proper equipment.

SSCC #163 – Canton Mo.

Hudnall pleaded guilty to buying a .45-caliber firearm at a Canton gun shop. He admitted with his plea that he made a false statement on the Firearms Transaction Record form to obtain the firearm for an individual known by Hudnall to be a convicted felon and, therefore, prohibited from possessing a firearm.

I don’t know if he was currently the chief at the time of this incident but the act is so egrigious that I cannot let it pass.  Doubly so considering the very light sentence he was given.  Had it been someone who wasn’t in law enforcement their ass would have been grilled to the wall.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 163: William Hudnall

Because it’s the job of police and law enforcement to arm felons.  Just ask the ATF.*

*You would think that joke would get old, but seriously, it just doesn’t considering how horrible the ATFs actions are yet those responsible are all walking away.

Living the Dream

So Wirecutter fuffilled a deam that oh so many of us have the other day. Some asshat from occupy wallstreet tried to get up in his grill.  His response was priceless.

I gassed him. I hit him full in the face with a looooong blast of pepper spray. I mean, I leaned out the window and followed him all the way to the ground with it.

Seriously read his whole run in.  It put a smile on my face and made a small tear of joy go running down my cheek.  I just wish I had been able to get it on video.  Instead I’ll watch this clip from Southpark and just imagine it with real people instead.

Wire cutter if you’re reading this.  You sir are down right fucking awesome!

*via JayG

**Sorry Jay, I forgot to toss this in last night.

SSCC #162 – Sacramento County

At all times Gonsalves knew that Biggers was a sworn officer with the
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and believed that any attempt to defend himself
would result in his own arrest and prosecution.

After verbally berating Gonsalves, and without any provocation or warning,
Biggers sucker-punched Gonsalves in the nose which began bleeding profusely

Now to the officers credit it sounded like this punk needed his bell rung. That said there’s other ways to do it and most certainly unprovoked assault while using your status as a law enforcement officer as protection ranks at an all time low. At least if you’re going to do something like that, provoke him into at least hitting you first.

Seriously this whole incident still just makes me shake my head that an officer would so blatantly and callously commit assault without fear.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 162: Detective Keith Biggers

Because if your a cop, you can take physical corrective action into your own hands.  Cops can’t commit assaults.

With Regards to Dealing With Zombie Hoards

No matter what you think, you’re going to need more magazines.

They’ve moved into the destruction of private property and are nothing more than a bunch of mindless zombies.  Defending your property has a habit of deterring the zombies from your AO.  Still, make sure to have enough ammunition on hand to effectively eradicate the disease should it be necessary.  They may attempt to overrun you should you run out.

SSCC #161 – Miami PD

The trooper activated her emergency lights and attempted to pull over the car, but the report claims the car sped ahead weaving in and out of traffic. The trooper noted that at time, the car reached speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.

When the trooper was finally able to pull the car over at mile marker 50.5. She approached the car with her gun drawn and noticed that the driver was a City of Miami police officer in full uniform. The officer, identified as Fausto Lopez, 35, told the trooper that en route to an off-duty detail and he had to be there by 7:00 a.m.

Considering the officer was cited for reckless driving it’s hard for me to include it in the count. That’s exactly what it was. That said one should be leading by example, and how often have we been pulled over for speeding and heard the officer ask where we were headed in such a hurry.

Given my incident which was a poor judgement call in inclement weather and the fact they initially stuck me with two felonies it’s easy to say he’s getting off light.  The FHP officer didn’t care that he was a police officer which I must say I am quite happy about.  Currently the officer is also under review by his department for the action.

I’m counting it for the fact that he didn’t end up in jail and have to wait to see a judge.  If that had been any standard citizen they would have been sleeping in the pokey awaiting the judge.  For that reason I’m willing to include it in the count.

Update: As pointed out by Jake below, there is a long list of charges this
incidence also qualifies for that were ignored and skipped.  Two he
easily qualified for is attempting to allude and failure to yield.  The
reckless charge is probably the weakest of the bunch.  It’s a solid count no matter how you slice it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 161: Officer John Doe*

Because obviously this guy was a dumb ass, I mean at least flip your lights on and make it appear that you’re on your way to a call!

via Donovan Dion

*As always if you know or discover the officers name, please contact me.

SSCC #159/#160 – TSA

Surprisingly the TSA has been out of the count for a while, but they came back strong today!

Two former TSA workers at JFK Airport pleaded guilty yesterday to grand larceny after they were caught swiping $40,000 from somebody’s luggage. Coumar Persad, 44, of Jackson Heights, Queens, and Davon Webb, 31, of the Bronx will each serve six months in jail for their crime, which was
perpetrated in January
after Persad X-rayed a piece of baggage headed for an American Airlines flight.

So two TSA miscreants incapable of getting any other employment see a fat wad of cash in someone’s checked luggage.  They then opened the bag which they now looked at as their personal bank and made a $40,000 withdrawal.  They didn’t completely drain their new bank account though leaving the balance at $130k.

The only reason they were busted was because one of their fellow workers reported them.  The lesson in that is to provide a kickback to your coworkers.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 159: Coumar Persad

160: Davon Webb

Because a passengers luggage is merely a personal bank account for TSA agents.  If there’s something in it they like, you’re not around to stop the theft, it’s a perfect criminal environment.

SSCC Honorable Mention – Chillicothe PD

A Chillicothe police officer who retired this year has been charged with sex crimes involving a 15-year-old girl.

This one is unlike the others in the fact that this one doesn’t involve an officer being assigned to a school.  However this is yet another example of a predator looking to hide in plain view.  Even more than just hiding in plain view, they are seeking positions which will provide them a blanket of trust.

McKee served on the Chillicothe police force from 1986 until he retired on March 1. The allegations against him did not arise until after his retirement, Schmidt said. McKee also has been a minister with Liberty Hill Christian Union Church since 2009.

Not only was he a cop, but a minister too.  Both of those positions people provide a blanket amount of trust and the serious predators know it.  I wish that the world was a better place, but human nature means that some are predators, some are sheep, and some are sheep dogs.  The most dangerous predators know to appear as a sheep dog.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: Richard Eric McKee

Because sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.  Even better is to compound positions that will induce trust.