SSCC Too many to Count – Lake County

Seriously I started trying to map out the criminals and investigators but the mesh was just unbelievable.

In 2005, a moose was standing somewhere in the mountains north of Columbia Falls when Jesse Jacobs allegedly shot it. Jacobs didn’t have a permit, however, so he reportedly got one from a friend who was a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. The tribal member took the meat. Jacobs claimed the head and antlers, which he would later mount and hang on his wall.

Jacobs was a member of the local law enforcement.  The list of incidents and problems, many of which were poaching related, are numerous and lengthy.  They even include a DUI while boating cover up and the cop was told NOT to take his boat out by a fellow officer just moments before. 

Seriously how can I make an accurate count with things like this?

In September 2010, on the same day that Jacobs was charged with felony poaching, FWP began to take sworn statements from Lake County Sheriff’s deputies and detectives, trying to determine who else in the office might have been poaching. FWP ultimately interviewed more than 50 people in the case, including several informants and former officers. The investigation, led by Game Warden Frank Bowen, pieced together details of what was known as the Coyote Club, a circle of Lake County law enforcement officers who’d allegedly been poaching game animals for more than a decade.

This article is just one big gigantic bag of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

State Sponsored Criminals:

Jesse Jacobs

Dan Duryee

Cory Anderson

Mike Sargeant

Remember, they can hunt the kings deer without paying but you will take a beating for the same.

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