What Happens When Someone Is Armed

Remember the Sheriff who told women to go out and get their concealed weapons permits and defend themselves.  Well a woman did just that and the Sheriff is walking the walk, still!

A mother who came home with her baby and found burglars in her home
grabbed her gun and scared the men out of her house and off her
property, according to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office incident

Even with a shot fired by the home owner the Sheriff had the following to say.

After hearing about the woman who scared off the men who were in her
house, Wright said, “I’m thankful that someone in her life taught her
how to use a firearm and I’m thankful they did because she and her child
could’ve been victims. There were two men, one armed with a knife. It
could’ve gotten really ugly for her.”

That’s exactly right.  I love hearing stories like this, though I prefer it when the criminal is stopped from being a predator ever again.  Either by law enforcement catching them or by lead poisoning.  What I love most was you have a woman with a child who defended herself and her property successfully while being out numbered and them being armed.

The Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations would have preferred this woman be unarmed against two grown men so they could do as they please.  Remember, there are some who think peace and empathy are the solution to criminals.  Don’t believe me, see this tweet from yesterday that the creator attempted to send down the memory hole.


Law abiding citizens who carry guns aren’t full of blind rage.  Quite the opposite, they spend a lot of time and effort avoiding confrontation.  However when a criminal brings the fight to our door, we have no reason to comply and it is safer for us to fight back.  How can you be empathetic with someone who want’s you dead, to rape you or your family, to steal your property, what is there to be empathetic about?

This person saw first hand the second failure that is the gun free zone of Virgina Tech, yet that was some how the fault of law abiding citizens who exercise their rights to be prepared for their own defense.

Self-defense is a choice, the same as being a victim.  No one has any right to force one choice on the other.  No one in the gun rights movement is attempting to force people to carry firearms for self defense.  We are demanding that people have the choice.  No one but god himself has the ability to restrict the right to self-defense, and even then I’d tell him to F-off.

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2 Responses to What Happens When Someone Is Armed

  1. Jack Moody says:

    Yes try peace and empathy when faced with someone willing  to harm/kill you for your stuff.

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