SSCC #210 – Caddo TX

The Caddo police chief turned himself in Tuesday on an embezzlement charge that was filed after authorities said he took a firearm from the department’s evidence room.

So what exactly did he do entirely?

An affidavit by OSBI Agent Donnie Long states Glover removed a Ruger .44 magnum from the evidence room and traded it to a man for a Taurus 9 mm pistol.

Best part is, the owner of the firearm in the evidence locker was entitled to it’s return. This was nothing more than theft of property, a firearm no less, by a state charged with protecting it while in his possession.

Remember, the anti-rights crowd consider these people “anointed” and would say this wouldn’t have been a problem if people couldn’t own firearms to begin with.  Never mind the fact that the chief himself committed the crime.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 210: Troy O’Neal Glover

Because if you’re a cop looking for a new gun, just visit the evidence locker.

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  1. KJ says:

    yay. “Anointed”. Nice to see my sarcasm spreading.